HC 500



The Carriage system that we produce is designed to carry Helicopter comfortably, safety via it control system maneuver capability and its special hardwares. Body structure and lifting arms are designed and manufactured according to hardest conditions.


  • Single or Double electric motor
  • Electric Brake
  • Work Lamp
  • Steering indicator
  • Electric differential for double electric motor
  • Security for Hydraulic system
  • Emergency hand pump
  • Battery charger (Portable)
  • Speed control valve
  • Flow divider (Gear type)

HC 500


Length4120 mm – 7065 mm
Width1648 mm
Height345 mm – 782 mm
Turning Radius2675 mm
Ground Clearence (Min.)70 mm
Carrier Capacity (Max.)5500 kg
Electric Motor24 V AC 2000 W 2000 RPM
Whell (Rear)300 Vulcalon
Whell (Front)200 Vulcalon
Electrical System24 V DC 240 Ah
Battery4×6 V DC 240 Ah
Lifting Platform Hydraulic system24 V DC.3000W.4cc Powerpack
Steering Wheel Hydraulic system24 V DC.3000W.2cc Powerpack
Emergency OperationManual Hand Pump
Hydraulic SafetyDouble Check Valve
Hydraulic EquipmentsSpeed Control Valve
Flow divider (Gear type)